Angry Tracks is a resource management game where you must keep your train running while balancing heat, speed, and increasing numbers of approaching enemies.

The game was created for Ludum Dare 39 with the theme Running out of Power in July 2017 by @DevRowan) and @DevPatF.

How To Play

Keep the train moving! If your Speed Reaches Zero, it's Game Over!

Use first-person controls - W.A.S.D and Mouse

The train has many devices like the Engine, Turrets, Shield and Coolant Tanks.

Insert a Battery into a device to power it.

Click+Drag to Carry a Battery

You’ll need to make sure that the Engine gets powered often, or else the train will slow down.

But remember, if you overheat the Engine, it’ll stall.

(Hint: Use the Coolant Tanks to reduce Heat quickly!)


Download 14 MB

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